Momentus 2021 | PSA
Xing Mengzhen

"Stop wasting!"

This is a PSA that aims to promote the concept of saving food and to reduce the food waste.


"Think Before Like"

A PSA to raise social media awareness among the public

Zhang Xiaoyu

"Get vaccinated!"

A PSA calls on people who have not yet been vaccinated to be active in the vaccination campaign.

Priscilla Diniesha


A PSA to raise awareness about social media addiction which may be unknown by many.

Farah Maria


Plagued with uncertainty about a topic that unfolds throughout the story, a girl takes necessary measures and later makes a decision on what to do.

Voon Ting Ting

"Who's the Murderer?"

A PSA to raise the public awareness about the seriousness of spreading fake news and the importance of seeking the truth on social media.

Jaztina Arieza


"Social media's a killer, time for surveillance. Know your figures, maintain your balance."

Thivyah A/P Subramaniam

"Think Before You Post"

A PSA to raise awareness about think before post anything on social media

Susila Marathandavan

"I am Beautiful"

A PSA to educate the public about the value of self-appreciation as well as to remind them to respect others' flaws.

Nurul Azlin Binti Idris

"Theirs eyes our priority"

A PSA to create awareness about the disadvantages of social media for children without parental control.

Cindy Then

"Behind the Screen"

A PSA of how a friendly exchange of text messages lead to online grooming, sextortion and online harrassment.

Aqil Asyraaf

"Keyboard Warrior"

A PSA about what a keyboard warrior is, activities, effects and actions that can be taken against the actions of a keyboard warrior.

Puspha saravanan

"think before do"

This is a PSA which is about the consequeces of cyberbullying and to create awarness to all sosial media users.

Syahmina Azhar

"Misinformation of the Vaccines"

Stop the misinformation of the COVID-19 vaccines. Watch this.

Lee Wen Qi

"How the COVID-19 vaccine work?"

This is a PSA explain how the COVID-19 vaccine work in human body and encourage people don't hestitate for vaccination.

Muhammad Iqbal Bin Yasir

"Jalan yang KuPilih"

A PSA to give awereness about money is not everything until dignity is pawned

Lam Xiao Wei

"Weapon will hurt people, cyberbullying too."

The idea of this PSA origin from the harm of war and the cyberbully and the PSA will tell you about why we should stop cyberbully.

Hafeezzur Muzamir

"Vaksin Untuk Semua"

A PSA to educate and create awareness about the importance of taking vaccinne for all groups of people

Kuan Xiao Xi

"Sugar is Not Always Sweet"

A PSA to raise awareness about the dark side of social media.

Cheng Xueyang

"Keyboard Man"

A PSA about cyber violence can cause serious harm to people.

Nur Widad

"Protect Yourself"

A PSA highlighting the role of cultivating resilience in handling negativity on social media.

Kenrick Kao Ka-Kinn


A PSA to raise awareness in the community about depression.

Edza Fauziha

"Be Smart and Be Wise!"

Five ways to use social media wisely that you need to know.

Najmi Zulkefle

"Cegah sebelum terlambat "

A PSA that highlighting the importance of COVID 19 Vaccine

Mirza Putra


A PSA about exposing an unethical scam activity about the face mask on behalf this pandemic covid-19 season


"The importance of vaccination"

This public service advertisement mainly describes the importance of injecting the new coronavirus, in order to encourage and mobilize the whole society to inject the new coronavirus actively, so as to effectively prevent the spread and development of the disease.