Momentus 2021 | Documentary
Lee Kai Ci

"The Urban Farmer"

Agriculture is not an old economic activity, The Urban Farmer will show you about aquaponics and modern farming.

Athira Saharudin

"Angkara Media"

A short documentary tells about the consequences of the social media platform and how to prevent it.

Nur Athirah binti Hamdan

"Corn Plantation"

A short documentary about the corn plantation

Nuratiqah Arman

"The Other Side of Media World "

A short documentary about the desecration of media and the effect

Jiang Chengao

"Different business struggling under the pandemic"

Interviews on business owners about the impact of the pandemic

Zhao PengFei

"Land of abundance"

A short documentary about a city in the south-western part of China named 'ChengDu', it will show how different aspects of it like developemt, citizen's life and so on...