Momentus 2021 | Creative Writing
nicole tan

"The Girl Forsaken"

Finally escaping the facility she was trapped in, Skylar confronts a society no longer familiar to her. Everything is different now and she navigates through the outside world she had long since forgotten.

Jaslyne Lau

"A Dissociated Reality"

Words sent through the screen may not last forever but it can still leave behind real scars. Written from the victim and perpetrator’s perspective, A Dissociated Reality explores the harm of misusing social media to both parties.

Dinah Diyanah


To those who feel everything at once, you're not alone.

Aina Zulkaflee

"Luahkan Saja!"

A collection of stories taken from social media platform retold in fictional form

Syarafina Nur Sabrina

"The Lunar Society"

The healing process from social media addiction and learning to look closely and clearly at who truly matters and sincerely cares.

Sarah Imtinan Basalim

"How Far Would They Go"

A poem compilations about misuse in social media in a form of poems

Hemalatha Natarajan

"A Dead Happy Star"

A novel about a young girl's topless picture went through social medias and how she go through it with a man who accept her totally


"Green Leaf Campaign"

An aerial novel about vaccines and tells a story that takes place in the future. COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on our lives,

Liao Haotan

"The impact of social media abuse on young people"

The impact of social media abuse on young people