Momentus 2021 | Shortfilm
Xianyi Shen

"Smiling Mask"

Smiling Mask tells the story of a depressed girl who looks happy on the outside when,in reality, she may be struggling with feelings of internal hopelessness and sadness.

Nurul Huda Kosnon


During times of extreme stress, people may have thoughts of suicide. This short film shares about how to deal with this problem especially during COVID-19.

Gwyn Chew

"Hanfu Guru is not Human"

Embracing own culture and wearing traditional costume is never a thing to be ashamed of. Be proud and cherish it !

Ajai Navaretnam


An experimental short film that focuses on fossil fuel dependency and the adverse effects towards our environment and socio-economic effects.

Ellyna Azizi


'Khodam' is a horror short film about the practices of black magic among the Malay society in this modern days.