Momentus 2021 | PSA
Mengjie Hu


Placebo wants to show the lifestyle and attitude of Otaku group. It hopes to show a fantastic dreamland made by Japanese animation.

Chennan Li

"Longly Longly Night"

Longly Longly Night is a public service announcement about Insomnia lasts about 3 minutes. The world of the insomniac it presents aims to give the audience a rational understanding of insomnia and provide some ways to relieve insomnia。

Yuqing Deng

"Live In The Moment"

"Live in the Moment" is a PSA that depicts a day of a girl who is unable to attend her graduation party due to severe social anxiety disorder.

Li Shengzhe

"My Great Wishes"

MY GREAT WISHES is a PSA about left-behind children in China.It takes a little girl as a representative, and shows the audience a situation of a left-behind child through the shooting of different scenes of her life environment.

Feng yanqi

"The Desert Gatekeeper"

The desert gatekeeper said, because we add more and more "stakes” of human factors, we must win.

Tee Meng Wah

"Take a minute, change a life."

‘Take A minute…Change A life.’ is a film PSA that promotes Youth/teen suicide prevention. Encourage parents to be more concerned and spend more time communicating with their children.

Xingshan Zhang

"Trap In Your Home"

By shooting the scene of an empty-nest elder being scammed, the PSA Trap In Your Home is devoted to promoting more people's attention to elder fraud.

Hikmah Begum

"Don't share fake news!"

The “Don’t share fake news!” PSA focuses on fake news sharings in social media. It also emphasizes on the users and the consequences which could happen afterwards in Malaysia.

Diana Jamalal

"Psychological Impact during Covid-19"

COVID-19 Psychological Impact is a PSA that spreads awareness of mental health during covid-19 pandemic, intended to inject positivity & emphasizes on taking care of inner (mental & emotional) health besides physical health