Momentus 2021 | Documentary
Azureen Soon

"Beauty Lies In Simplicity... Or Does It?"

A mini documentary about expressing yourself with editorial makeup, encouraging confidence simply by feeling great.

Kemala Samsuddin

"Living Life To The Fullest: A PLHIV Story"

An insights documentary of Tuah fighting his lifetime battle as People Living with HIV (PLHIV) within community

Ow Su Wei

"Baby Hatches"

Every baby needs a family, no one left behind, gives them a chance to survive.

Zehui Ouyang

"“Plastic Surgery”"

“Plastic surgery” (renovation)in the old community brings the improvement of residents’quality

Shen Disha

"Journey to the afterlife"

Discussion on the mode of Hospic care for dying people in community and family.

Lin Bingyan


This is a documentary about the personal artistic experience of Yorra, a contemporary female sculptor. It shows how young artists face the conflict between tradition and modernity.

Kumuthamalar Chandran

"On Duty: Garbage Collectors"

A story about garbage collectors who deserve to be honoured, instilling a greater sense of dignity and pride in their work.

Sante Ernest

"Bambarayon: The Paddy Spirit"

The story of Bambarayon based on the Kimaragang's belief

Liu Xiaojie


ONE DAY is a short documentary project about a day in the life of food delivery men.

Yuting Gao

"Life in Frozen"

Life in Frozen is divided into three chapters, Winter Praying, Inheritance of Food, Carnival of White Kingdom. Respectively show the real colorful life in this frozen land.

Yang Shenghui

"All along the road"

This documentary will share some tips on how to maintain your car during MCO

Xinyu Zhang

"Snowy Childhood"

This documentary mainly includes children’s childhood in northern China.And show more people the beauty of children's childhood in northern China.

Mingyang Wang

"The Back of the City"

Use the camera to record the city at three o 'clock in the morning to show different city features. Learn about the lives of people who work until the wee hours of the morning.

Xu Yanzhen

"Letter from the Time Traveler - Hutong"

“Letter from the Time Traveler - Hutong” is a documentary of the Chinese historical site - “Hutong” , “Hutong” is like a “Time Traveler” in space; never stop, never left.

Hao Zhang

"Older Kids"

Alzheimer's disease is not only a loss of memory, but also a major test for patients themselves and their families. This documentary will subvert your perception.

Yifan Zhu

"Xi'an drum music"

Listen to Xi ' an drum music and feel the sound from the Tang Dynasty. This documentary takes you into the Chinese intangible culture heritage of Xi ' an drum music.

Zhu Liwei

"Jinshan Peasant Painting"

Entitled "Jinshan Peasant Painting" is a documentary about how a peasant painter contacted and created peasant paintings in Zhonghong village and what is the art like. The core idea is to arouse more people's concern and love for traditional art and ICE.

Yang Xi

"Rainbow On The Tongue"

Do you know Chinese ethnic minorities will eat rainbow during their festivals?

Si Chen

"How social media assisted in Covid-19 preventing and control via mobile apps in China"

Social media assisted in Covid-19 preventing and control via mobile apps in China