Momentus 2021 | Books
Farhana Jaafar

"That's What He Said"

A tale of revenge and redemption in a lucid paradise

Nazuin Zulaikha


A poetry and short stories collections about grief and self discovery.

Lu Keyu

"Bridge to the Soul"

Bridge to the Soul is a novel about conquering a severe illness and evils to record young people's growth process while encouraging people to remain hopeful, bravely deal with misfortune, and give one's love and care to those who need help.

Zhao Zhili


What would you do now if the earth's environment had been destroyed in hundreds of years´╝č


"Mia's Sweet Dream"

All angel child should be loved by their parents and this world. Call love for the parents of child, and also focus on the parental invloment in Media.

Ambrose Goh Kok Kin

"Tales of Mat Kenit: Boy in Amber"

A tale of adventure & friendship in a fantasy backdrop, Tales of Mat Kenit: Boy in Amber is a story for all.

Faisal Ramzi

"The Medical Frontliners' Ballad"

Fifteen stories chronicling the personal and professional journeys of Malaysian medical frontliners battling COVID-19 throughout 2020

Zheng Jingwen

"New Year's Gift for Mum"

The name of my children's book is New Year's Gift for Mum, which depicts a warm family story about Airy and Wendy preparing New Year's gifts for their mum.

Esther Gabriel

"A Rush In Juvenile"

A Rush in Juvenile is a fictional book about the consequences of rushing a child through childhood or academics.